I’m a product designer with a multidisciplinary background and over 15 years of experience in the trenches.  Digital 3d modeling led me to data visualization - which brought me to product design.  Working primarily in the ed-tech space, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on apps, websites, and all the research and design processes that allow designers to contribute - including data visualization, user experience, and visual design.

I’ve implemented live style guides on large scale agile builds, developed mobile apps on the fly with small, lean, cross-functional teams, designed customer development experiments in early product phases, and produced fine grained illustrations to support the kind visual storytelling that will keep tomorrow’s students engaged. Previously, I adapted to professional environments ranging from $400M private construction projects, to small public R&D procurements, to emergency management field operations. 


I am passionate about working at the intersection of design, technology, and the public good - and that’s why I’m currently working on the future of education at Amplify.

I also maintain a rigorous creative portfolio that has been published and exhibited internationally – most recently at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City and in d3:dialog>assemble - international journal of architecture and design (volume 01).  My work has been supported by diverse sources - from the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations to the US Department of Homeland Security.  I am a registered architect in the state of New York.

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